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Break Your Burnout Cycle For Good

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I’m Kai-Nneka Townsend and I'm here to help you get past burnout and create a thriving work-life balance, which is true to who you are.

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Embrace Work-Life Harmony

I want to help you break out of your burnout cycle, and finally enjoy the success you are creating in your life, without stepping back from your career and entrepreneurial dreams.

If you consider yourself a high-achieving woman, there are a few things I think may be true about you…

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You are proud of your success

You are proud of the success you have achieved so far and want to achieve more, but you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the demands of your work and personal life.

You want to progress in your career

You want to go higher up in your career and grow your side business but feel guilty that pursuing them may leave little time for you to be the mother, friend, or daughter that you want to be.

You are usually a confident person

You are a go-getter of a woman, but lately, you feel your confidence shrinking because you feel stuck in the same place at work, and expectations of you in your personal life have left you feeling that you are not good enough.

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Everyone sees you as a superwoman

Your boss, co-workers, family, and friends all see you as a superwoman, the one who is always there and ready to deliver without fail, the "Go-To" person. But deep down you wish you could escape even for a few days just to have some me time.

You feel like you're missing out

You love your career but feel like you are missing out on other aspects of your life. You are in an endless spiral of burnout, but don't want to stop now because you don't want to lose your place on the climb up the ladder of success. You should be enjoying this, but somehow you feel trapped.

You feel alone

You have been experiencing all the above for quite some time now, but believe you are unique in your experience. You are too embarrassed to talk about it or reach out for help. You feel alone.

But it does not have to be this way…

What would it mean to you to experience this in your life for a change?

  • Freedom and flexibility to maintain the successful career you have been building - but on your terms
  • The support you need and control you want over your schedules - carefully curating it to fit your personal, work, and family needs
  • Guilt-free boundaries in place to protect what is most important to you now - completely at ease that you won't lose your place on the ladder of success or somehow destroy your reputation at work

Over the years I have watched so many women burn themselves out to a fizzle trying to go after or maintain the success they so rightfully deserve.

I was one of them until I learned to break free from the gilded cage. Now I want to teach you how you can do that. Where your challenges don’t light the flames of suffering, but they open up next-level opportunities.

I have put together three programs, to help working professional women like you capitalize on their strengths and lean into growth, without burnout.

Coaching Programmes

Coaching programme

Woman Arise

This all-in-one coaching programme is for high-achieving women who want to break their burnout cycle for good.

Mentoring programme

Glow Circle

Your hard work got you to where you are, but you need a different strategy to get you seen and ready for the next level of success.

Coaching programme

Arise Circle

Get a few friends together who are as committed as you to breaking your burnout cycle for good

About Kai-Nneka

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a treadmill in a cage, in a corner of the room? Running fast but ending up in the same place, trapped, and to top it all off, not seen. That was me.

I spent more than 10 years working across public and private companies, mostly in male-dominated spaces like the rail industry. I was rising up the corporate ranks, working harder and longer with each promotion to prove that I belonged there, and always telling myself, once I get this next role, I’ll be able to slow down.

Looking back, I wish someone had gently but firmly told me and shown me, that it didn’t have to be that way. My desire to have success at work and in the other areas of my life didn’t have to leave me feeling like my tank was always empty, outwardly succeeding but inwardly wishing to escape my reality of a brutal burnout cycle.

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Burnout does not have to be the sacrifice you make to achieve success. You can break your burnout cycle and still keep your thriving career.